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The Need & Future of Pharmacovigilance

Over the centuries, there is an increase in use of medicines and their adverse & unwanted effects. Because of these adverse and unwanted effects, many of the drugs gets recalled and banned. Which means there is much precaution and surveillance is needed in the Market.

The increased need in safety of patients, constantly increase the need of a Pharmacovigilance tools. The present pharmacovigilance market is approximately USD 4.5 billion and will grow to USD 6 billion by 2020.

By: Hitesh Verma
Literature Review Integrated Pharmacovigilance Software: Pharmus

From the inception, many of pharmacovigilance professionals are facing problems with literature review. Gathering the literature is still a mile stone for many of Pharmacovigilance tools currently present in market. Our new Pharmacovigilance tool, Pharmus, inception is integrating the web based software analytical tool 1 to the newly developing next generation pharmacovigilance tool.

This is just beginning as our “Pharmus”, will do a lot compares to the present market tools.

By: Srinadh